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Artwork Thread (56k Warning) - R93 Sniper - 03-23-2017

Everyone has cool fan-art, so why not show it off?

A Few rules to abide by, to be courteous as well.
1. Any posted images should be hidden by a spoiler tag to prevent people from having to load everything at once
2. Anything listed in the Gray/Grey area part of the forum rules are forbidden
3. Anything that has an excess of gore (for whatever reason there may be, I know I've made a few things with that reasoning) must have a gore warning prior to the pictures.
4. No flaming art, period. You want to comment on art, go ahead, but if you're not being either constructive or respect that somebody doesn't want to/can't finish a piece, then don't post at all
5. No images in this thread should relate to Contingency. For contingency artwork, visit the On-Topic artwork thread here

Should need be I'll update this post with any necessary changes to the rules, but that should cover it all.