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RE: Anime Thread - Stevedoggen - 07-09-2017

Well, the thing with rewrite is that it has a sizable first section before it splits into 1 of 6 paths (5 girls, and one 'forever alone' path). After you get through all 5 girls, each probably about 10 hours (if you're like me and a fast reader and skip most of the irrelevent side content), you unlock a side section named 'Moon' and another named 'Terra'.
Now, it's in Moon and Terra that everything gets explained and all the routes thus far make sense, however it's a decent chunk to wrap your head around. Season 2 of the Rewrite anime is those two sections. Season 1 is an anime-exclusive route with elements of all the routes + choosing kagari, which wasn't really an option before.
If you've played 20 hours before like you said, you may be fine to just watch it, even if you dont really remember it. It's just the harsh and justified total tone shift from S1-2 that throws those not expecting it.

As to whether you should pick it up again, I dunno. I remember it being friggen long, but a couple of the routes endings are quite good and aren't in the anime (except as a short out-of-context flash). I say, watch the anime, and if the story seems rather interesting to you by the end/you enjoyed it, give it a go.

RE: Anime Thread - Heatguts - 07-10-2017

Thanks for the recommendations guys. Akame Ga Kill ringed a bell so I went for that one first.

Spoilers Wrote:I thought this was overall really good, I couldn't really predict when characters were going to get killed off so when it happened it was rather surprising. I'm sure as I watch more shows I'll get a feel for it though which kind of sucks. The first episode was absolutely great, you gotta keep in mind I really didn't look anything up about any of these series so I legit thought Night Raid was going to be the bad guys up until they opened up the shed, and I'm glad I didn't because frankly I don't think I could describe this show without revealing that it didn't revolve around some group of assassins. In any case, the ending was good up until the last episode IMO. After the MC died (which I was rather ok with) the climax was over but they followed it up with another fight scene. After that it was fine again, I thought the scene where the people in his village had all the money and were wondering when all three of them were going to come back was really good.

Going after Madoka Magica next. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

RE: Anime Thread - Stevedoggen - 07-10-2017

I hope
[Image: heat1_by_stevedoggen-dbft8lf.png]

will be
[Image: heat2_by_stevedoggen-dbft8lb.png]
by the end.

RE: Anime Thread - Heatguts - 07-12-2017

Finished Madoka Magica. Not what I was expecting, episode 3 didn't have me hooked but did keep me interested enough until the real interesting stuff went down and threw me for another loop. Not as good as the others but it was pretty good. Also stealing Stevedoggen's signature idea because it's real good IMO

RE: Anime Thread - Stevedoggen - 07-12-2017

Madoka has 3 movies by the way. The first two are rehashes of the series. Movie 3, Rebellion though, is a continuation. It's more of the interesting stuff in a good way, I reckon.

Also heh nice

RE: Anime Thread - Heatguts - 07-14-2017

Finished Angel Beats. Don't think I've ever heard a story anything like that. Seemed pretty tensionless after I realized the characters weren't actually in any severe danger, but the ending ramped it up quite a bit. They gave the falling action an entire episode and I think they pulled it off really well. Also the intro never made any sense, I kept expecting a piano to show up and none did. Overall, really enjoyed it. It did seem a little short though, which I feel is strange, because Madoka was about the same length and didn't give me that "there was more to explore here" vibe. It might have something to do with Madoka having a more urgent tone while the events in Angel Beats could have had days or weeks in between some of the episodes. That kind of vibe lended a lot to the atmosphere IMO but does leave the impression that they could have fleshed out the characters more and thrown in more events without it feeling like filler.

RE: Anime Thread - Stevedoggen - 07-14-2017

Yeah, IIRC, Angel Beats was intended to be 13 episode show, but the writers felt exactly the same, that there wasn't enough time to expand on a lot of things. They're doing a VN of Angel Beats atm, in multiple volumes. The first part came out 2 years ago and not much since, so I'm unsure if it's even a thing still. Man, this series deserved better.

RE: Anime Thread - JaggyNos - 07-14-2017

Angel Beats VN is gonna be dope, when it's finished. I'm not sure why, but the anime just kind of felt like it would work better as a VN. @Heatguts I agree that Angel Beats kinda ended before it really felt like it took off. The Yui arc was probably my favorite, as well as the last episode, but the rest of it falls just a bit flat. Maybe it's because I just didn't really care about many of the characters, except the guy that kept speaking English. Madoka just overall had better pacing, and it made much more efficient use of its time than Angel Beats. Maybe it's partially because there are fewer characters, so they don't have to try to get the viewers invested in a new character every episode, so the characters that are there feel much more fleshed out.

RE: Anime Thread - Stevedoggen - 07-14-2017

[Image: tk_by_stevedoggen-dbg9g2d.gif]
Goodbye Wild Heaven
TK is pretty great though, let's be honest.

RE: Anime Thread - YottaBiter - 07-19-2017

Ya'll should watch Koi to Uso if interested in a romcom anime. It's pretty great imo and it's still airing.
ehm ehmm *whispers* Hajimete no Gal too