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The Questions Thread: Ask Questions Here, Leave With More
Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Project: Contingency Questions Thread! Here you can ask any question you want and we'll answer it as best we can. This thread is moderated, however, and we'll be having a few extra rules in addition to the website rules.

1. If a Question has already been asked, your post will be deleted and unanswered. However, if the answer to a question changes we'll let it pass.
2. You are free to discuss the details of a question, however there is a limit to how in-depth you can go. If your discussion begins to go off-topic or stops other people from stating their questions, The discussion will either be split into its own thread, or we will stop any further remarks and delete superfluous posts.
3. Everyone has opinions and are entitled to them. However, if you are being rude to another forum member due to their viewpoint (as would be depicted from a question), then you are in the wrong. We will not tolerate it.
4. If you ask a ridiculous question, you will get a ridiculous answer (maybe)

Below, we have a collection of all the questions that have been asked thus far.

Questions Asked Thus Far:
Quote:Is the making of this game even legal?
We are following Microsoft's Game Content Usage Rules to the letter, so yes

Quote:What are the recommended System requirements?
Currently Unknown

Quote:Will we be able to play the game competitively?
Depends on how balanced the game is on release

Quote:Will we be able to hold Tournaments with Prize-Pools and etc?
Microsoft would have the final word on that

Quote:Will you be taking Donations?
We will not be taking donations for the game

Quote:Are there plans to make custom weapons for the game?
Human weapons have pretty much been done completely by Bungie and 343i, and there are very few niches left for the humans to fill in terms of combat. The Covenant, however, tackle "all-purpose" weapons, which leave some gaps here and there.

Quote:Will there be Custom Games?
There have been many discussions about this, but so far we have no concrete answer.

Quote:Will there be Playable Races other than Human and Sangheili?
There have been some discussions about this, but so far we have no concrete answer.

Quote:Which Halo game will this play most similarly to?
We intend to have gameplay similar to the original Halo Trilogy, but with some additions at our own discretion

Quote:Will there be a Campaign?
We currently do not have plans for a campaign, although we will be considering it

Quote:How many players will be available in a single match?
We originally intended for 64 players but are currently revising this. We will notify you if this changes.

Quote:Will there be AI?
Currently we have no plans for AI in any form

Quote:Will there be forge?
We currently do not have plans for forge

Quote:Will there be Armor Customization?
We intend to have Armor Customization, however we cannot guarantee it will be available

Quote:Will there be Assassinations?
There have been many discussions about this, but we do not have a concrete answer

Quote:Will there be sprint?
Currently we are leaning towards no, but have not confirmed this

Quote:How much memory will this game take up?
When we have a good estimate we'll inform you

Quote:Will you be remaking classic maps?
We've had people discuss this, but we have no stance one way or the other about it

Quote:Will there be Dual Wielding?
There have been many discussions about this, but we do not have a concrete answer

Quote:Will we be able to play with vehicles that have previously been unavailable in the sandbox?
We'll consider it

Quote:How big will the maps be?
Maps will be small enough to feel like a tense battle but big enough to give a proper sense of scale

Quote:Will there be a ranking system?
We have not decided as of yet

Quote:Health Regeneration or Health Packs?
We have not decided as of yet

Quote:Text Chat? Voice Chat? Any alternative means to communicate?
We currently have working text chat, the other methods are in the air.

Quote:Will there be Armor Abilities?
We have had discussions about this but we have not decided yet.

Quote:Will there be a Scoreboard? And if so, in HUD or by holding a different key?
We intend to have a scoreboard, but do not know at this point in time how it will work

Quote:Will there be Community Maps

Quote:Will the Graphics Menu be expansive?
We'll try to make it as expansive as we possibly can

Quote:Will there be Controller Support?

Quote:Will you support OSX/Linux?
If our engine natively does

Quote:Will there be forerunner weapons?

Quote:Will you be updating the game Post-Launch?
Would be silly not to

Quote:Will you be allowing the Developer Console to be used?
It is not in our intentions to allow that

Quote:Will the maps be dynamic?


Quote:Will Halo 2-esque button glitches be available?

Quote:Will there be bullet Magnetism?
Many people have talked about bullet magnetism and aim assist, we currently are leaning towards not including it.

Quote:Will there be clambering?
We currently have not decided

Quote:Will back-taps still be instant kills
Would be silly not to

Quote:Will Grenades do damage on impact?
Undecided as of yet

Quote:Will we be able to lower our guns? (Alert-Carry)
Undecided as of yet

Quote:Will Armor customization, if implemented, affect gameplay?
No, it would be purely aesthetic

Quote:Will you be including a Human Melee weapon?
Unfortunately this is unlikely as melee weapons generally serve their own niche anyways

Quote:Will there be LAN support?

Quote:Will you be putting the game on Steam Greenlight?
Right now this is very unlikely

Quote:Will you be including new game modes?

Quote:Visually, which of the halo games will Contingency be like?
Generally our artists work on their own styles, but our intent is to hold true to the original trilogy's style as much as possible.

Quote:Matchmaking System or Server Browser?
Currently a server browser seems to be where we lean, but it is not infeasible that we include both

Quote:Ability to turn off HUD and/or flycam to take screenshots?
It is under consideration

Quote:Will your health be displayed regardless of the health system itself?

Quote:Will you be adding multiple variants of the same weapon?
No, we would much rather give each weapon a unique role and enhance our gameplay.

Quote:Centered Crosshair?
Most Likely

Quote:HUD customization?
We currently do not have plans on adding this as a feature but if it is asked for enough we will consider it

Quote:Friends List?

Maybe, if the team can agree to them

Quote:Destructible Environments?
"If you want to kill someone, you should be prepared to die yourself. Do not take that responsibility lightly!"
[Image: 24wajya.png]

Are you going to add jetpack brutes?

Only when you voice their dialog
[Image: 212859a664.gif]

Looks like you guys got a great announcer! Are you guys looking for any more voice actors? I was hoping to send some voice examples earlier, but then I got extremely busy all of a sudden :/

(04-03-2017, 11:19 PM)Greenh2 Wrote: Looks like you guys got a great announcer! Are you guys looking for any more voice actors? I was hoping to send some voice examples earlier, but then I got extremely busy all of a sudden :/

No, we aren't looking for voice actors at this time. Our current VA does a fantastic job already :)
[Image: 0MudIQ3.png]

Alright, but if you guys need a voice actor for either Spartans and/or Elites, then I'm here waiting Big Grin

If you apply with some of your work or samples we'll always review it.
[Image: 212859a664.gif]

Will there be forge?

(04-04-2017, 05:47 AM)Mootjuh Wrote: If you apply with some of your work or samples we'll always review it.

Alright, I can do that! Thankfully I'm on spring break, so I'll get to it real soon!

I noticed you uploaded a bug video on the official channel then deleted it. I was going to ask "Do you intend to show videos of your development bugs and stuff as content to keep people satisfied between updates?" but now it seems better to ask "Will you show all those sorts of videos after release?".
[Image: plate_by_stevedoggen-db4q2kn.png]

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