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What do we think about the Xbox Scorpio?
4K gaming, 6 Teraflops of power, 320 Gb of memory bandwidth, 8 CPU cores, and VR support.

I think it's a great step forward for a 6 teraflop GPU that would be hypothetically something like a GTX 985 if Nvidia made one. its somewhere between a GTX 980 and 980Ti.

What do you think about it?
[Image: C7X9CtRU4AAuv3c.jpg]

[Image: unknown.png]

You tell me.
[Image: M55Mgqo.png]

I only buy consoles for Halo, and considering how much strife the xbox one console alone has caused me, with buggy interfaces and constant installations breaking, forcing it to redownload entire games, I'm really in no rush considering most consoles seem to have buggy launches.
Also a 4k console will cost a fair amount, not to mention a 4k tv for it too. Even if I wanted it, it's likely financially unviable.
Will probably sit this gen out, for a while at least.
[Image: plate_by_stevedoggen-db4q2kn.png]

Wut he said ^
Wanna make a contract?

Same. ^
Thanks to how much of a flop both Halo and Xbox has been recently. I'm just going to stick with my PC and current XB1. Though I'm still curious what they're going to try to charge for it.

If you have a decent PC, I don't really see a point in purchasing Scorpio, since Microsoft confirmed that all games they publish will release on both Windows 10 and Xbox. So Xbox exclusivity isn't really a thing, anymore, unless they choose some games to be exclusives. If you're worried about price, you could always buy a PS4 Slim, which is only $250, and it can currently play all PS4 games (though I'd be interested to see if that remains the case).

It sounds a kinda pricey but i think in the long run its kinda worth it i guess by looking at all the specs.

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