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Weapon Balancing Idea I had
As to whether you see any merit in this suggestion or not, just throwing this idea into the pool because I can.

So one thing I noted in Halo 5 when trying to make custom maps and shit for it, is that regardless of if I turn sprint/thrust/shoulder charge/whatever off, the weapons would still be balanced for fast gameplay, and have the usual aim assist cranked to 12th gear.
So I had an idea, which could work (at least on paper), which would be a custom games option for tweaking weapon functionalities.

The work would likely be 80% on the UI artist making the interface in the Custom Games - Game Options menu, and the remainer on coding the modified weapon data to transfer with the host on the game starting.
There, ideally, the host would have the ability to choose between default balancing, any potential MLG-esque setup that may be created in the future, and "Custom", where the host can manually tweak damage, accuracy, bloom, Rate of fire, maximum clips and other values for each weapon. If it worked, it could be extended to vehicles, with settings like turning destructability off or whatever.
Making the setting "Custom" would then have a special symbol on the server in the browser so people know what they're getting into, in case some kid sets plasma pistol damage to insta-kill levels. 

Having this sort of openness may help people to be able to create gamemodes of all kinds without being screwed over by weapons not quite functioning as well as hoped. Also Machinema would likely find use in it.

Thoughts? Feasability?
[Image: plate_by_stevedoggen-db4q2kn.png]

I love this idea! I've always wanted an option in forge to tweak individual weapon values like damage and rof, but having it as custom game options works too.

They also need a custom game option for bottomless clip like in Reach. I had a little too much fun messing around with that Big Grin

They also should let you swap weapon projectiles with other items in the game. I mean it's prolly not feasible but the best weapon CE ever had was that version of the assault rifle I made that shot bipeds.
Wanna make a contract?

TSC:E had a brute shot that shot literal explosive brutes. Sideways too. Pretty great.
As far as projectile swapping, theoretically it should be feasable, but it depends how they have set the systems up and how easy it would be to swap a variable.

I more want this feature overall as a gamemode I made in Reach was fun but never worked in 4 or 5 because the Gravity Hammer shockwave didn't effect vehicles anywhere near enough to make it fair. The ability to manually tweak this for circumstantial balance would be lovely, if available.
[Image: plate_by_stevedoggen-db4q2kn.png]

Actually giving the gravity hammer the ability to flip vehicles might make it an interesting anti-light vehicle weapon. You could give the energy sword a more interesting "clash" mechanic to make them more suited for melee-vs-melee combat. From my moderate experience in 1v1 grifball the gravity hammer is practically identical to the sword, some differentiation would be nice.
Wanna make a contract?

I've seen people propel teammates with the hammer shock wave towards the goal in team grifball, so it has that going for it too.

TBH though, the hammer's shock wave got weaker with each game after Halo 3 and it's kinda disappointing now. I want it to be able to do stuff like this again:

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