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Destiny 2 Stuff

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Never played the original, since I don't have an Xbone or PS4, so I'm not sure how good it really was. Regardless, Destiny 2 looks pretty cool, but I'm still worried about how the port will end up. This is Bungie's first PC release in a really long time, so I wonder if they'll be able to bring the port up to snuff. At the same time, since it will be exclusive to Battle.net, that could mean that it will have additional quality control, which will hopefully lead to an overall better release for PC. Or it could mean nothing at all. I'll probably wait until release to read the reviews, as well as find out the state of the PC port, before I make a decision.

Seems like Destiny 2 is going to address pretty much every complaint I had about Destiny 1.
Finally adding clans, because loosely organising a group of 6 for a multiple hour event was hard, and keeping them is harder. Part of why I never finished the third raid and never bothered with the last dlc entirely.
A Pc release. Ok it's not on Steam, but as a second choice Battlenet is the best way it could have worked out really. Possibly the only good thing out of Activisions involvment so far.
Solo players are going to be able to soft-matchmake into raids with clans, which means there is finally a way for me to play >2 months in, when all my friends inevitably leave to play other stuff.
There are actually interesting things to do in Patrol.
Don't have to go to Orbit to go to other planets.
Finally a map without needing to be in orbit.
Finally friendly AI ingame. It's surprising what you miss when it's gone.
Smgs, grenade launchers, handheld minigun-esque things and wierd energy cannon weapons for more diversity. Let's hope armour also is a lot more varied.
More vehicles. I just hope they are actually decent now. The pike and intercepter were amazing in the D1 beta and nerfed to obsoletion on release.

The only thing I'm still worried about is the difficulty. Destiny 1 was kinda easy at launch, which I liked a lot - meant I could play the way I want and not leave frustrated. But as DLC's dropped, the difficulty spiked higher and higher to the point I couldnt enjoy it any more. Hope they find a middle ground.
[Image: plate_by_stevedoggen-db4q2kn.png]

Quote:The only thing I'm still worried about is the difficulty. Destiny 1 was kinda easy at launch, which I liked a lot - meant I could play the way I want and not leave frustrated. But as DLC's dropped, the difficulty spiked higher and higher to the point I couldnt enjoy it any more. Hope they find a middle ground.

I can understand the sentiment, but I'm not sure that making the game easier is the correct decision. If you look at WoW and other successful MMO's, it's the harder end-game stuff that makes people keep coming back, despite having reached max level with multiple characters. I know of many people who literally only stayed with WoW for raids, because they were challenging and thus rewarding. However, I can see how this would not necessarily work with a game like Destiny. First of all, it attracts a more casual crowd that is less likely to seek challenging content. That's not to say that no one wants it to be difficult, and that the entire crowd is casual, but Destiny's gameplay allows itself to appeal to a broader audience, which will entail more casual gamers. Second of all, console gamers are much more limited in regard to communication. They are adding matchmaking to Destiny 2 (which I guess wasn't in Destiny), and voice comms exist, but I am honestly more likely to type in chat than I am to speak in voice comms. This may not be true for everyone, but the lack of a chat system creates an extra barrier to communication and coordination, limiting the effectiveness of a group of rando's. Lastly, I assume that there is no LFG system, which can create a conflict of interest between players who are matched together. An LFG system is especially important in an MMO, since you will inevitably have people that are looking for different things in a group (e.g. high level players do not want to match with low level players).

With all of that having been said, balancing the difficulty will be extremely difficult. The easiest way would probably just be to allow players to customize the difficulty, which could lead to better or worse loot. If they choose this option, then they would need to allow people to choose difficulty options when using matchmaking, so that casual players don't get matched with veteran players and vice versa. However, the difficulty options would need to be pretty barebones, or else you risk fragmenting the community too much based on minutia in difficulty (or allow compromises between options when matchmaking). Of course, they could alleviate that by creating an LFG system, but I'm not sure that they would want to put effort into that system, especially if console gamers aren't likely to use it. The creation of clans does also help in that regard, but that would mean that they still need to create difficulty options.

Another option would be to create a Borderlands-esque system, where increasing the number of players increases the difficulty. That way, single players don't feel totally overwhelmed. However, if veteran players are more likely to solo queue, then that hurts the longevity of the game. I guess it really just depends on which group is larger, the group that wants easier content, or the group that wants more difficult content, as to how they will determine difficulty. Early game stuff certainly needs to be easy, but I am not one that wants to return to a game where I am not being challenged. of course, there are some like you that want the late-game content to be accessible, and I wholeheartedly agree, but I think that they are more likely to create uniform difficulty, so they can't make it too easy. They could just do what WoW did and lock content behind a skill wall that requires many players, and leave the rest of the content accessible to everyone, but that will seem unfair to many players. Maybe the only option will be to queue into matchmaking and hope for the best.

So I kinda started rambling in there, and I'm not entirely sure what it was that I was originally trying to say, but I hope that someone can pick something good out of it.

I'm someone who intentionally never plays seriously because I don't find that fun at all. It's why I often end up playing single player games (since bots are rarely a thing, and when they are, they offer zero reward).
I recognise I'm not the norm, by any means. It was just that the rewards in D1 got better slower than the difficulty rose, and by TTK I was having to give it my all to get rewards worse than my already equipped stuff, so I stopped caring entirely.
I hope they make it so that if you solo nightfalls or strikes (either because you solo, or because you're me and your internet is terrible, the system never get matched with anymore, and you lag enough to annoy any friends you're with) the difficulty scales down to give you a decent chance without relying entirely on cheese tactics. One can hope...
[Image: plate_by_stevedoggen-db4q2kn.png]

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