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So E3 is almost here... I'd like to shill my wares.
#1 I thought I had an account on this forum but it seems you've made a lot of changes since then.


#2 realized we changed websites right?

In regards to E3, if Halo isn't planned to be shown, I'm not really interested in much anyone has to say. IIRC most of the publishers were moving to their own special conventions, and if all that's left are the major platform publishers than I'd really only be interested in what Nintendo's plans are. Was incredibly tempted but didn't jump on the Switch launch train, if I'm gonna drop a couple hundred bucks on a new console I'd like to pick up at least three or four games for it and other than Zelda there really wasn't/isn't anything else.

Although if Bethesda is going to E3 I'm interested in Quake Champions. The beta was alright from what I saw, the champions need a little balancing but worst case scenario is everyone goes back to Quake 3 or Quake Live.
Wanna make a contract?

They said there was going to be Halo in the show, just not anything critical to the current trilogy. I really hope it isnt just freaking Halo Wars 2 DLC. Gimmie ANY Halo FPS on PC. Preferably 3 plz, kthx.

Maybe Nintendo is gonna pull out the Smash on Switch? (heh) Will definitely see a new title from one of their famous IPs for sure.

Also I'm going to E3. Big Grin
[Image: M55Mgqo.png]

RCSRex Wrote:They said there was going to be Halo in the show, just not anything critical to the current trilogy. I really hope it isnt just freaking Halo Wars 2 DLC. Gimmie ANY Halo FPS on PC. Preferably 3 plz, kthx.

Maybe Nintendo is gonna pull out the Smash on Switch? (heh) Will definitely see a new title from one of their famous IPs for sure.

Also I'm going to E3. [Image: biggrin.png]

Oh. Well then I guess I'll be eagerly awaiting Halo news, but not excited enough to bother watching the conference. Maybe if I'm lucky they'll be doing something for Halo 3's anniversary.

And that'd be pretty awesome. I haven't really played much smash in the past year though, it's not that much fun when your irl friends can't come over and play. Still trying to figure out what they're going for with their new Mario title, looks absolutely bonkers. A lot of the charm of Mario IMO comes from the bizarre setting, putting part of it with other people could either totally kill it for me or be just what the franchise needed to get me to play it again.

Also if you're going to E3 I expect a full rundown of everything that has happened so far posted on these forums within 13 minutes of each press conference. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Wanna make a contract?

Well, no new Halo news. 343 said that there would be mention of Halo Wars 2 that would excite the fans, aaaaand it's just a 4k resolution update for the Xbox One X. I was seriously disappointed by 343's complete lack of presence at E3 this year, but I suppose it's better to keep things under wraps until they have something meaningful to show to the audience. Maybe we'll get sort of a Fallout 4 presentation next year, where we'll get both an announcement and gameplay at the same time. Still, it would have been cool to see something new for pc, but I guess Microsoft doesn't want to divert resources for Windows.

There were some other interesting things at the show, like Crackdown 3 (November 7th launch HYYYYYYPEEEEE), Metro, and some really cool indie games (I was especially interested by Ashen and The Last Night), but this showcase seemed pretty tame. Anyone else have any thoughts on the show?

So ready for Crackdown lol. Played the second one at a friend's house once on keys to the city mode, after we got tired of making the biggest highway problems we could he decided to become a realtor where he would pick up random cars and show them houses, and then he reconnected with his law enforcement roots and started arrested swerving drivers for drunk driving (which was everyone when you were standing in the middle of the road) and sentencing them to "live with the whales" which entailed kicking them into the ocean. It was beyond funny at 3 am.

Everything else was kinda lame, like you said. Didn't get to watch the whole thing, only really the last half. They only really seemed to be pushing their 4k stuff and other 3rd party and indie titles from what I saw.

I guess we'll just have to call Crackdown Halo and then we can pretend there's another Halo game launching in November. Still a bit disappointed they aren't doing anything for the anniversary of the peak of the franchise, although after MCC, the fan trust probably wouldn't be there and we can already play all the Halos so why would we shell out $60 for a remastered version of a game when they gave us the base game along with three others already for the same price tag.

Also disappointed in you RCSRex I was here 13 minutes after the show and there were no rundowns posted.
Wanna make a contract?

Welp, the Bethesda conference just ended, and it managed to be more disappointing than EA and microsoft. I am actually super pumped for Wolfenstein 2 and the Dishonored 2 dlc, but that's it. I don't really care about the other stuff, and the entire thing was a compilation of trailers that lasted for ~40 minutes. Pete Hines sounded like he was joking at the end, and I was anticipating an "Oh wait, there's more" moment. This E3 is actually pretty terrible so far.

Did... Bethesda seriously just announce paid mods? Like, even after the shitshow that occurred when Valve tried it?
[Image: plate_by_stevedoggen-db4q2kn.png]

Everyone can read the FAQ for Creation Club over at 

People can argue that these aren't paid mods, since they have to be curated and approved after going through a long process, but these are still things we could have as mods. I will not be purchasing more Horse Armor, no matter how much Bethesda and other supporters guilt me. If I think something is worthwhile, I will buy it, and I'm 100% okay with supporting content creators. If someone wants to create mods that we have to pay for, that's perfectly fine, and I encourage them to do so. What I don't like about all of this is what it means for the future. Bethesda already has a system in Fallout 4 and Skyrim SE where it detects if you have mods, and then disables achievements if you do. That means that Bethesda is already willing to strip away features for people who use mods, so what's to stop them from only allowing mods made in the Creation Club? This just seems like another attempt from Bethesda to monetize something that should remain free, with optional donations.

I would also like to add that this could potentially be a really good thing, but we know nothing about pricing. If Mudcrab armor costs me $5, then I'm out of here. But if everything is priced relative to how much it impacts your game, then it could work out better. I think that it would also depend on how much Bethesda actually pays the content creators, and if the actual bug-removing process ends up working.

Ubisoft was surprisingly good. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle looks like a fun, more simple Xcom with a Mario skin. I don't really care for South Park, but some people really liked what they saw. Skull and Bones looks awesome, since AC4 Black Flag was a lot of fun, and since Skull and Bones looks like that. Starlink: Battle for Atlas is interesting, but I'll need to see more before I make a decision. Finally, Beyond Good and Evil 2 was a very welcome announcement, though I was already kind of anticipating it. Overall, they showed some cool and unexpected stuff, and I left pretty satisfied with what I saw. Funny how Ubisoft has given the best press briefing so far.

I also watched the PC Gaming Press Conference, but it was alright. I had little interest in most of the games, but some of them looked really cool. The new Xcom 2 expansion looks like a lot of fun, and Mount & Blade 2 looks cool, but those are both game series that I don't have a lot of experience with. Other than that, none of the AAA titles really interested me. Tunic looks like a 2D isometric Dark Souls, which I like the idea of. Griftlands and Ooblets look interesting, but I know barely anything about them, so I'll reserve judgement for later. The game that most interested me was Wargroove, since looked like a fantasy game that draws heavily from Advance Wars, a game which I very greatly enjoyed. The fact that you can create both battlefields and campaigns also greatly excites me, so I'm very eager to get my hands on it.

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