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Still looks like it was based off of Spiral's needle pistol. What im wondering is what will it do that's unique, or will it just be another useless weapon?
Fav put out a new video, and it's actually quite good.
I don't like the ideas he suggested as an example (the zero-g and ice ones, they actually sound quite bad tbh), but his point and explanation are very on point.
To the Project Contingency devs, what's your opinion on the message he's saying, and is it a similar or different standpoint to that being used on the project?

Posted an entire thread. Then I saw this one... lol

This was pretty SICK! AF!!
Make this the Main Menu theme plz!  At
The issue with the song Pillar of Awesome (
is that while it's pretty rocking, it'd get old fast as a menu song. Also the whole being sampled from legitimate songs being potentially legally troublesome thing exists, but mostly just the 'getting old' part is enough.

Either way, EnZero has 2 other Halo songs on his newgrounds account, maybe that'd ease your pain while waiting.

Also from a UI perspective the menu is kinda gross.
Why would you have Profile seperated from Customize? Even then, why are both main menu options? Customize should be a sub choice after selecting profile.
Leaderboards? For what? Friendlist too - again, why are they on the main menu?
The backing section and menu options are huge, approaching the title font size.
The title should be a touch smaller, and the menu options much smaller, and the transparent backing much less imposing to show off the background.

oh well, bit late now, eh?
That entire thing is gross. The music is pretty meh overall imo, and the general design is way too large and in your face.
lmao we just shat all over Yotta's enthusiasm. Sorry dude XD
Yay we have Russians here now!

Welp as far as the Menu UI goes, I do agree with both of you about it sucking a lot. But damn you've both got some bad taste in music!
Welp, why I like it is because it's got a soldier-istic kind of feel in it that Reach had (obviously cuz it's from Reach). And it makes it even more good to hear it with that edit or mod or whatever it is they call it n the music world.
So we seem to be having a serious porn/ad bot account issue lately.
I mean, it could be worse - it could be bad porn, but still. huh.
Working on bugging our web guys to fix it. Sorry about that until we get it fixed.
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