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So apparently we're getting more Non Non Biyori

Crunchyroll makes it sound like it'll have a full season, but I guess an OVA is still possible. Either way, I'm still excited, since I've been wanting more for a while. Flying Witch was really good, but I watched all of it in a weekend, so I've been craving this style of SOL.
Sorry for not doing this in a while. Life and responsibilities kind of caught up with me.

So the Spring Season has come to a close, and the Summer season is upon us. Spring had a lot of great stuff, like AoT season 2, My Hero Academia Season 2 (still airing), Saekano Season 2, Tsuki Ga Kirei, the second cour of Little Witch Academia, and Eromanga-sensei. It was the season of sequels, and I very much enjoyed it. There were some great reveals in AoT, some great action in MHA and LWA, all of the fanservice you could need from Eromanga and Saekano, and some light drama from Tsuki Ga Kirei. Honestly, this is probably the best season in a while. Winter disappointed me just a little, but Spring brought back all of the excitement. Oh, and the end of LWA was phenominal (the last 5 or so were the best, imo).

Leading into Summer, I'm actually not familiar with a lot of what's airing. Already, I've watched Knights and Magic, Restaurant to Another World, Kakegurui, and Koi to Uso, and they've all been great. In fact, since I heard that they skipped a lot of stuff in Knights and Magic, I went and read all of the skipped material in the LN, and I'm really liking the computer science concepts that the author uses to explain magic. Restaurant to Another World seems like another light, happy food anime, which I'm all up for. Kakegurui is about gambling and some girl who's really good at it; don't know if I'll keep watching that one, but my friend will probably make me. He says that it's a lot like No Game No Life, so you may like it if you like NGNL. Koi to Uso seems like a pretty drama-filled romcom, and I feel that the romantic stuff in episode 1 was really bad. It might get better, but that depends on how they develop the MC and a certain other character introduced at the end of that episode.

Overall, Spring was great, and I'm feeling that Summer will also be a great season. I kind of like that I'm not familiar with what's airing, since I can go in not knowing what to expect.
pffftt... lol!
Just look at how many "Plan to watch" animes I have..
That's pretty good. Mine is pretty similar, though I've completed more of my plan to watch list than you.
In unrelated news, i've been going through the Monogatari series recently between working, gaming, and not sleeping. Gotta say its weird as hell but the story is interesting nonetheless
Hearing that the second season of Attack on Titan is out made me go check it out, and I'm beginning to remember why I bothered watching the first season like a year ago. Any recommendations for something similar in atmosphere or style and minimal to no fan service? I've seen Death Note, and a friend made me watch Fullmetal Alchemist (but not brotherhood). Other than that I really haven't seen much in the way of anime so if there's some famous series out there besides these ones (or SAO) I haven't heard of it.
I'd recommend you watching Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance).
@R93 Sniper Monogatari series is my sh*t. Fanservice in all of the right places, and the characters undergo actual development and evolve.

@Heatguts Maybe Madoka Magica, though people seem either to like it or to hate it. Re:Zero kinda reaches that point later on, but you'll have to deal with the MC. Akame Ga Kill is also really good, except the ending isn't that good. If you just want depressing, maybe check out Angel Beats or Clannad.
Monogatari is pretty good, i wish i didn't have to pause so often though to read the very quickly flashing words, but that's it's thing I guess.

and I agree with Jaggy about Madoka Magica - if you're not hooked by the end of episode 3, i'd be surprised.
/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

Angel Beats is pretty good too, wish it was a touch longer though. 13-odd eps feels too short.
I want to recommend Rewrite too, but you might struggle without playing the extremely long VN. I could appreciate it because I knew everything, though I get the impression the anime series was a touch vague for the uninitiated.
btw, the flashing words don't really add much to the story, and you're not missing anything by skipping them. I usually just tell people to not worry about them, because it scares them off. On the topic of Rewrite, I tried playing the VN, but I got ~20 hours in with no end in sight, and the story still hadn't really picked up. I stopped playing it for a bit with the intention of picking it up again soon, but I never really got to that. It's been so long that I know I won't remember what's happened, so I'll probably need to restart. Do you think it's worth it to pick it back up again?
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