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UPDATE: October 24th 2014 - R93 Sniper - 03-22-2017

For months, the team has been in the shadows, working hard to create a Halo experience on the PC unlike any other. The time has come for us to unveil a portion of our work thus far. Remember, all work shown is subject to change and nothing is necessarily final.

Starting with the Administrative sector of the team, we have our two head designers, Sam Santillo and our Anonymous leader. Our administrators are in charge of keeping the team organized and leading the game as required. They're also in charge of recruitment and gameplay design.

Moving to the visual section of the game, we have our 3D artists. Every model the player will see in this project will have been created by one of the people on this section of the team. The artists are tasked with creating props, weapons, vehicles, and various other models, as well as adjusting them to fit the aesthetic that we've planned for the game.

Our team of 3D Artists consists of the following people:
Alex Penn - Also known as "Master Noob", Alex is in charge of characters and Covenant materials.
Christian Kendall - Christian is in charge of creating Human Weaponry and props.
Ryan Richardson - Ryan's task is to create Human Vehicles.
Simon Riverin - Simon's work is centered around large scale props.
Michael Belousov - Michael creates human props and structures.
Ethan Nino- Ethan's tasks are based in creating small scale UNSC props and Vehicles.
Martin Carlsson- Martin is in charge of creating UNSC Weapons.
Lee Cobb - Going by the handle Cobby, is skilled in UNSC and Forerunner Materials.

Our talented artists have prepared a variety of renders for you to look at today.


On another visual aspect of our game, we have our 2D Artists. Just as the name states, these artists are primarily concerned with creating concept images. The team as a whole votes on what version of an object will be implemented, and then our 3D artists create it. Our 2D Artist team consists of:
Daniel Hauca - An artist whose primary focus is on weapons, vehicles, and characters.
Kevin Day - Ikki's work is centered primarily around environment art but also creates weapon art.
P3 - P3 is a skilled artist who creates concepts for covenant materials and UNSC props.
Jim Tomatoes - A very talented artist who focuses on environment and spatial art.
Cody Avery - Another Talented 2D Artist who has created many pieces of Environmental art.
Lavadeeto - A skilled artist known for working with Custom Mapping Team, he creates HUD and UI elements.
Clark Melton - Website Designer/Concept Artist.

Our 2D Artists have a small selection of work to show you as well. 


the final visual aspect of the game, we have our Animators. Animators are responsible for making any sort of dynamic mesh move, such as characters, vehicles, and dynamic props. We have a rather small animation team, but make no mistake, their skill makes up for their small numbers.
Matt Zhiss - Notable for his work with Custom Mapping Team, Matt is responsible for all First-Person animations.
Wahab Quazi - Wahab's work is centered around animating Third-Person animations for the Covenant Characters.
Farzad Morshed - Known for his various work as TheAnimatedFlame, Farzad is tasked with Third Person animation for UNSC Characters.
Currently, Matt has prepared some of the First-Person animations for you to take a look at and indulge in. 


Moving to a more technical aspect of the game, we have our programmers. Their task is quite notably the most arduous, as they must write out hundreds upon hundreds of lines of code with little assistance from anyone other than each other. The amount of hours that the coding team puts in surpasses any part of the team, pulling all-nighters just to get a single task completed if necessary. Our talented team consists of the following people:
Anthony House - Anthony, notably the hardest working coder, has made a vast majority of progress for the team. This includes but is not limited to: Menus, Shield Code, and a working Motion Tracker.
Elijah Montenegro - Elijah's work is centered around vehicle code and prototyping assorted gameplay dynamics and entities. He also assists Anthony on various tasks, notably the shield effects.
David Starkey - Starkey is an experienced coder who works on Database and SQL Data, as well as statistic saving.
Ayoub Chouak - Being the newest member of the coding team, Ayoub works primarily as a coding assistant to Starkey and Anthony, but is given his own tasks based on the needs of the team.
Clark Melton - One of the newer members, Clark is better known as "New Guy", or the one responsible for reworking the website singlehandedly. 


To the final section of our update, we have our Audio designers. Constructing audio from scratch is a very difficult task. That being said, our Audio designers work carefully with the members of the team trying to get the best sound as determined by the team's consensus.

Matt Ryan - Matt is in charge of creating weapon and ambient sounds, most of the ingame sounds created by player interaction will be constructed by him.
Fernando Pepe - Our soundtrack artist, well known for his "Star Citizen" fan soundtrack, is an extremely skilled master of audio. Fernando wishes to share a small selection of the soundtrack that he has composed for us up until now. You can listen to it here: