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[Read Before You Post!] How to make a suggestion
Everyone has ideas, and brainstorming is a great way to get some seriously cool ideas and turn them into reality. However, sometimes having a lot of ideas can make you lose sight of the original point, which ends up being worse than not saying anything in the first place! Being the case, we have a few guidelines on how to write suggestions

- If you have a Weapon, Vehicle, Map, or Game-Mode suggestion, please look for the respective thread below and follow both the instructions here and in the thread itself
Maps and Game-Modes

- If you make a post about any of these 4 items outside their thread, it will either be merged or deleted, depending on how you formatted your post in accordance to the guidelines.
- We currently do not have plans for anything related to AI planned. Any suggestions related to Campaign, Firefight, Multiplayer AI, or anything of the sort will be immediately discarded.
- Do not try to recreate/suggest something that already exists in the halo games.
- Please keep in mind that everything must be balanced for multiplayer and Halo's ideology of equal starts. Do not try to give any one player/team the upper hand unless you balance for the other team as well.
- Try to keep your suggestions reasonable. There can be crazy ideas, but nobody is going to take you seriously if you make them.
- Everyone is entitled to their opinions and ideas. Any sort of aggression towards another user is against our rules, and bashing ideas instead of being constructive will be taken as an act of aggression.
- Any off-topic posts will be deleted
- If you build off of an idea another user has posted, be sure to credit them for the original idea!
- All images must be posted under spoiler tags. Your post may be deleted if you do not follow this rule!
- Come up with some creative ideas and have fun with it!
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