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Dedicated Suggestions Thread: Maps and Gamemodes
Maps and game modes are really important to pretty much any multiplayer game that exists. Halo's longevity has been made possible by both of these working together, as well as with the sandbox. Here's some guidelines as to how to make suggestions which you can make by replying below!

For Map Suggestions
Map Name: [What do you want to name your map? This is completely optional]
Top-Down:* [Please give a top down image of the map as a spoiler. Include symbols and a legend to make it easy to read and understand what you are trying to convey]
Extra Images: [Any other images you wish to add for your map. If you have specific areas on the map that you wish to expand upon with images, be sure to notify where the pieces belong!]
Notes: [Anything else you wish to include with your map]
Please note, we can only accept unique map suggestions rather than remakes of existing maps.

For Game-Mode Suggestions
Mode Name: [What do you wish to call your game-mode?]
Modification:* [Is this a variant of an existing game-mode? If so, please tell which. If not, write N/A]
Rules:* [Describe your game-mode as best you can!]
Team Play:* [Does this gametype support teams? Can there be versions with(out) teams?]
Win Conditions:* [What does somebody need to do to win?]
Extra: [Anything else you wish to include with your gametype]


When creating maps, be aware of map flow, as you cannot have combat stagnate in one area, or have too many paths around. Sightlines are also something to be cautious about, as that can have some seriously unintended side effects

When creating a gamemode, be wary that every player should have an equal chance at victory. Don't make a gamemode that would be extremely unfair to any one player or team, because nobody will like your suggestion and it'll be a losing situation for everyone Sad
"If you want to kill someone, you should be prepared to die yourself. Do not take that responsibility lightly!"
[Image: 24wajya.png]

Mode Name: H5 Slayer
Modification: N/A
Rules: Standard Slayer Rules
Team Play: Can work with or without teams
Win Conditions: Kill count = 25 in FFA and 50 in Team Slayer
Extra: Has the Halo 5 movement system active, so thrusters, clamber, sprint spartan charge, and ground pound would all be available.

Map Name:  Ascendence
Top-Down: [Image: open?id=0BykCn_9tYY8weDBkbm1qZHJkTHM]
Extra Images: [Image: screenshots?page=1&gamertag=FRED%20lllll...654d197f1d][Image: screenshots?page=1&gamertag=FRED%20lllll...c7346c1fab][Image: screenshots?page=1&gamertag=FRED%20lllll...27b12d25bc]
Notes: I Built this map in halo 5 feel free to look at it there it relies on verticality and the ability to adapt without falling off.

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