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Dedicated Suggestions Thread: Vehicles
Unlike most shooters, Halo has a really large sandbox due to the introduction of vehicles. These powerful machines can seriously help change the tide of a game when used the right way, and generally let you have a lot of fun when doing so! Here's some guidelines as to how to make a suggestion for a vehicle which you can make by replying below!

Name: [What is the vehicle called?]
Faction: [What faction does this vehicle belong to? This should help figure out some of the rest!]
Type:* [Is this a ground vehicle or air vehicle?]
Role:* [What kind of vehicle is this? Is it a tank, an interceptor, a transport?]
Speed: [How fast does this thing even go?]
Arms:* [What weaponry is equipped on this vehicle, if any? If it includes weaponry, be sure to describe the weapon!]
Description:* [Describe your vehicle as best you can!]
Extra: [Anything else you wish to include with your suggestion. Be warned that all images MUST be included as spoilers!]


Remember, these weapons are meant to be in the halo universe, so generally try to take inspiration from what could feasibly exist. Also, try to remember that everything must be balanced for multiplayer, so try not to make a vehicle that's overpowered.
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[Image: 24wajya.png]

Name: Wasp
Faction: UNSC
Type: Air Vehicle
Role: Single-seat scout aircraft.
Speed: Very fast (Ghost using boost speed)
Arms: 2x Assault Rifles, 2x Rocket Launchers (4 second reload)
Description: A small fast single-seat vehicle with an open cockpit. Very maneuverable, but the pilot has almost no protection. Vehicle is well armed. Turning isn't very good.
Extra: This vehicle was a custom one made for Halo: Custom Edition (Moddable Combat Evolved). Some maps used it, and it was a pretty fun vehicle to play with.
(I don't know how to use spoilers so feel free to edit this post to your specifications)

Name: Chimera
Faction: Covenant
Type: Air Vehicle
Role: Two person vehicle (one driver and one gunner)
Speed: slow but with a fast boost
Arms: A more powerful version of the covenant carbine. Powerful semi auto.
Description: A longer, larger, Covenant ghost with wings.
Extra: I always thought that halo lacked flying vehicles and the covenant lacked a good warthog counterpart. This vehicle could be the answer to that. No Banshee bombs making it not a superior aircraft but an aircraft that has more precise movement. This vehicle would hover more than fly and the gunner could shoot at targets while the vehicle flies away. So far, no air vehicle can do that in halo.

I'm going to cheat and suggest a potential minor alteration to an existing vehicle.
The Mongoose, same as always + the ability to drive on water the same as that one GTA quad

If you were to do it, that could potentially open up more options with map design/custom games.
It'd be best to have the mode swap be automatic based on how deep the water you're currently in is.
[Image: plate_by_stevedoggen-db4q2kn.png]

Swimming confirmed? O.o
Honestly if spartans just die as soon as they are fully submerged in water then featuring large bodies of water in the gameplay sections of a map only serves to hinder the infantry experience, but otherwise you'll just be driving over areas of the map not deep enough to kill you so why would you bother with a special water vehicle when you could just use a normal one.
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the spartans dying in water thing is more a meme than anything - it shouldnt kill. Besides, I said it'd open map design choices - they could figure out some way for it to work or simply leave it as an option in customs. If it hampered the infantry experience than it'd be the map designs fault.
And yeah, why bother with a special water vehicle? Thus why I said to alter the existing mongoose - no special extra vehicle, the mongoose already exists and is confirmed.
[Image: plate_by_stevedoggen-db4q2kn.png]

Its not a meme. When you have a multi-ton suit that has a layer of gel that adjusts its internal pressure, jumping into water will either suffocate or crush you before you can respond.
Water vehicles are also excessively niche that they serve very little if any purpose.
"If you want to kill someone, you should be prepared to die yourself. Do not take that responsibility lightly!"
[Image: 24wajya.png]

Oh I know it's completely unnecessary and have no expectation of a water vehicle, just throwing the idea about because the forum has lulled and why not.

And how deep is the water we are talking about here?
Because I was thinking like just over your head deep, and even then there was that time on Delta Halo where chief was fine after diving super deep (20m +) and being dragged even further down by the gravemind.
Realism hampers fun Sad
[Image: plate_by_stevedoggen-db4q2kn.png]

I mean I guess it wouldn't be all that hard to add, just kind of pointless IMO.

Also I totally forgot about that scene MC should be so dead rn lol
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Quote:jumping into water will either suffocate or crush you before you can respond.
And not to mention the freakin sharks!! ?.. They're in there, right?
[Image: tumblr_mcxtyqdVM11rb33dto1_500.gif]

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