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For Game-Mode Suggestions
Mode Name: Sandbox.
Modification:* Would be a modification of Forge.
Rules:* Sandbox is mainly forge with a new name. With this gamemode, you are able to go nuts.
Team Play:* It can support teams if desired.
Win Conditions:* N/A
Extra: Now although Sandbox is practically Forge, what makes it different? Well in fact, nothing really. It was an idea I had about 5 minutes ago so if you have ideas for this gamemode, please feel free to throw them down below.

(I do not know the engine that well so some of these ideas below may not work)

- Small amounts of scripting (bit like Halo 5 Forge)
- Change character model to any within game. (Elite, Marines etc)
- Spawn vehicles that never been able to be spawned in forge before. (Pelicans etc)
- Create custom maps. (Fully modify the terrain, skybox etc. (Can be limited)

That is just a few, most more down below of what you think.
[Image: VnO5DT9.png]

In a multiplayer only game, where the only character models are playable, it doesn't quite make sense to let the player swap between them all if they could already do that in a customization menu somewhere.

Personally I could go as far as to not be miffed at the not-inclusion of forge, seeing as how this is a PC game and PC games don't usually need in-game editing tools. A modification on forge that basically just lets you do the things you should've been able to do on consoles but couldn't should probably just be the regular forge if they decided to include it anyways. Who would ever play forge if sandbox is basically forge++?

In any case I don't even think forge is confirmed or not-confirmed.

Also your signature is gigantic. Might wanna look into that.
Wanna make a contract?

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