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Beta or Alpha soon?
I was going through the web and I found you guys. I'm a big fan of halo and I've been waiting for Installation 01 and Eldewrito 0.6 to come out to play. They both said that they would come out somewhere around September 2017 or at the end of 2017. So It's hard finding a halo game to play with multiplayer that works. So when I found you guys and seen that you guys are active on updating your Halo game, So I wanted to ask if there will be some type of beta or Alpha preview sometime soon..?

Probably nothing any time soon. They announced something for veteran forum users a while ago, but the vast majority of people aren't able to utilize it, so please don't ask about that. If you're looking for something to play now, then this isn't the project you're looking for at the moment, since release is still a far ways out. In the meantime, you could check out Project Cartographer to play some Halo 2 online! Also be sure to stop by the discord server, which is a lot more active than these forums.

Is the project still being actively developed though? I'd be happy just knowing it is. No need to rush alpha/beta versions.

Yes it is. We are more active on our Discord server however.
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