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Ideas + Advice
I am aware that there is only planning for the multiplayer game mode. But I think there should be some sorft of flood survival mode, in a halo-fan style. Where someone play as a marine, and where they need to pick up anything they find which could be useful, and use them against the flood. That would be cool.

Also I think that the team should add some new maps (That arrne't in halo) in a halo design, with bungie's forerunner art style. There could be some new weapons as well. If you have already done this then tell me please.

One last thing: If there are any sound designers on the team, could they recommend any orchestra plugins, electric guitar plugins, and halo like sounds, because I wish to be part of the team I absoloutely love halo, I played it since I was in primary 1 (2007) (Halo 3, and yes it's my favourite halo of all time) and I would love to be in a team like this, I just don't have the resources so if I save up for the right resources, then I could hopefully be in the team. I specialize in music if your wondering.

Maybe a flood firefight system can be implemented in the future, but I think that you're looking too far into the future. The game is still in pre-alpha, meaning it is nowhere near completion, so the devs probably won't focus on anything extraneous until the core systems are fully developed. However, I disagree with your idea that the PC plays as a marine, since it wouldn't fit in very well. Playing as a marine would only function for the sake of playing as a marine, and it would add little depth to the game. If they ever implement a firefight mode, it would be the equivalent of removing shields and health regen, so adding more work on top of functioning designs makes no sense. Flood would be cool, I don't think that we should expect anything from the devs, if they only decide to include the Covenant.

I can't really say anything as to the status of maps, but they're shooting for a style similar to that of the original trilogy, so I think that they'll probably look at adding forerunner maps.

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