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Anime Thread
So New Game is making sure that its audience doesn't starve from a lack of yuri undertones this season.

Very minor spoiler, I guess



You guys should fill out the poll and wait to see what the results are. The results might be a good indicator for what you should check out if you're hard pressed for what to watch.
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omg just started watching Gamers!, and I don't think that my brain can handle all of this. It's super funny, but the HUGE lack of communication really brings the show to an entirely new level. Just finished episode 6, and it's an absolute rollercoaster. Probably one of the funniest shows I've watched in recent memory.

Hmmm, I've been watching that one too. It's good. Along with Kakegurui, Hajimete no gal and Koi to uso. They're all good. Oh yeah, and also Made in Abyss.. it's got some beautiful landscapes n scenery.
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I started the Clannad VN recently, since it went on sale for $20 on Steam (still is, btw), and I'm liking it a lot more than Rewrite so far. The writing is obviously similar, but the story picks up much sooner, and the huge number of routes still allows for a lot of content. I've only completed Sunoharas' route, but I'm super excited to play the rest. Thinking about watching the anime after that, but I'm not sure.

I also just finished watching Scorching Ping Pong Girls, and it was a ride. SoL with sports anime vibes, a bit of ecchi, and some yuri to top it off--it was pretty great. Plus, the characters had some cool development. Would highly recommend.

Another season has passed us by, and I really enjoyed it, but I didn't really watch as much as I wanted. Unfortunately, Netflix and Amazon have decided to screw us over, so there were a few that I just didn't watch, which was a shame. Anyway, the shows that I did watch included My Hero Academia, Centaur no Nayami, Restaurant to Another World, Gamers, Re:Creator, and New Game.

I've already said a lot about My Hero Academia, and I absolutely love it, so I would recommend that everyone watch it if they haven't done so. The manga is also super good, so you should check that out too, if you're interested. I should mention that I'm a bit biased toward MHA, and I'll defend it with my life, so don't come to me looking for objective opinions.

Centaur no Nayami is tough to recommend, but it has some nice SoL with monster girls, some yuri, and some social commentary. The Series really takes a turn for the worse toward the end, though, with the last episode being my least favorite by far. It's still pretty chill, but not everyone will enjoy it.

Restaurant to Another world is just a really chill show to watch every now and then, since nothing bad ever happens. It doesn't have the food-gasms of Shokugeki, but their reactions are still satisfying, and I still really like the visuals. The cast is also extremely likable, and their interactions with each other are super cute.

I don't even know where to begin with Gamers. It's the most dramatic SoL I've ever watched, as it's filled with twists and surprises. Seriously, don't even try to understand the rational of each character. I don't think I've seen another show where each character is as dense and ignorant as these, but that's part of fun. I'm glad that it's over for now, since every episode damn near gave me a heart attack, but I'm excited for a season 2 in the future.

Re:Creator has a really good premise, where fictional characters are being brought into the world by some mystical being. Unfortunately, the plot didn't really keep me interested the entire time, and some segments really felt like a chore. I ultimately enjoyed it, but it's hard to say if I can recommend it. I guess I would warn everyone to go in knowing that each episode is not of the same quality. This show also suffers from "wishy-washy mc syndrome," which I HATE.

New Game was a lot of fun this time, like it was during season 1. Two new characters are brought into the mix, and they are initially super annoying. Like, annoying to the point where watching it made me kinda angry. However, they ultimately bring a lot to the show and to the development of the characters, so I can see them as a necessary evil. They're also kinda likable by the end, so there's that. Pretty much, if you enjoyed season 1, then you'll enjoy season 2. Also check out my earlier post about those Y U R I U N D E R T O N E S.

Now that I've looked back on last season, let's take a look at this season. Shokugeki no Souma S3 is probably the star this season, especially since this one seems to be 24 episodes (HYPE). I've also taken a look at Love is Like a Cocktail, Juni Taisen, Konohana Kitan, and Urahara. Love is Like a Cocktail reminds me of Restaurant to Another World, but with cocktails, and each episode is only 3 minutes long, so everyone should check it out. I'm unsure about Juni Taisen, but it was written by Nisio (creator of Monogatari), so I have high hopes. Konohana Kitan reminds me of Urara Meirochou, but with fox girls, so I'm pretty pumped. Check it out if you like cute faces, fox girls, or moe. Urahara has both interesting visuals and an interesting premise, but I'm worried about the execution. Pacing seems to be off, and the writing isn't great, so it is to be seen if it's any good. Check it out if you like Space Patrol Luluco (wasn't created by Trigger), or if you just want something completely different.

Anyway, that's pretty much it. I'll likely drop some of those this season, but there is a lot more time to find some cool anime, since we're only a few days in. I'm overall pretty exci--WAIT WHAT. A NEW PINGU SERIES!? SCREW ALL OF THOSE OTHER SHOWS. THIS IS THE REAL MASTERPIECE THIS SEASON. PRAISE BE TO PINGU. NOOT NOOT.

Apparently A Certain Magical Index is confirmed getting a 3rd Season, and there are rumors about there being either a Railgun S3, or a spinoff focussing on Accelerator.
Sounds nice.
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Now Index is getting a new season? Damn, 2018 (and maybe 2019) are looking good. Code Geass Season 3, MHA season 3, OPM season 2, Overlord season 2, Tokyo Ghoul:Re, and some others that I can't think of right now. The future is bright for anime.


So that poll closed, and here's the results.
This video can double as a list of suggestions to those who want something to watch.
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