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So E3 is almost here... I'd like to shill my wares.
Can i just say that Sony knocked the ball out of the park? They showed some seriously great games and the entirity of that Spiderman game was absolutely fantastic.
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Totally didn't watch any of the other press conferences, intending on seeing Nintendo's thingy when it starts (in 15 minutes I think). Hearing about another Wolfenstein has me so pumped. I thought TNO was amazing gameplay wise, (although I haven't finished TOB yet, I hear after a certain point it gets kind of boring and I think I found that point), and as someone who is currently learning German the fact that they are so dedicated to having everyone speak their native language is really amazing. I usually go through the games with a pencil and paper to write down all the words I don't know so I can look them up later. Overall best rebooted game series 1337/8, might by a copy on launch day.

Also Bethesda doing paid mods again sounds kinda crappy, although like JaggyNos said it depends a lot on the pricing model. I didn't even know there was a PC gaming press conference, but I've got a backlog of titles to play on PC already so I'm not in a huge hurry to see what's on the cutting edge in that department.
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Nothing even cutting edge, really. I think that they announced the expansion for Xcom 2 for the first time, and they announced a remastered version of Age of Empires, but that's kinda it (except for indie games). There was also some VR stuff, and Intel had a lot to say, but very few people cared about what Intel had to say (if you're out of the loop with intel, check out this video, and I don't really care about VR right now. So you didn't really miss a lot.

Sony was interesting, but I can't say that there was a lot that really interested me. Of course, I haven't owned a Playstation since my brother received a PS3 for Christmas, and before that the PS2, so I can see why others would be really excited. Shadow of the Colossus looks cool, but it's just another remaster. I don't care about the dlc they showed at the beginning, since I haven't played either games. There was nothing new that I cared about for Destiny. I also don't really care about games like Detroit or Heavy Rain, but maybe I need to give them a chance. Spiderman looked cool. I'm SUPER pumped for the new Monster Hunter, since it's coming out on PC. So Sony wasn't bad for me, but it didn't do as much for me as it did for you.

Well, Nintendo was interesting. Like Bethesda, they showed some cool stuff, but it was extremely short. They started off with Pokken, which is eh, but then they announced Pokemon RPG! Right after that, they even announced Metroid Prime 4!!! Very strong start, and the rest of it looked pretty good. I'm excited for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which has gone full anime this time around. Mario Odyssey and Yoshi look about what I'd expect, but the new Kirby game looks surprisingly good (considering that I haven't really enjoyed the previous games). New BotW dlc looks pretty cool, and I'm excited for what looks like challenge trials from the first dlc pack, but we still know very little about the second dlc pack. Fire Emblem Warriors looks cool. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was there, but we didn't see anything new.

Overall, they had some good stuff, and they made two HUGE announcements. I think people have been asking for Pokemon rpg and Metroid Prime 4 for a really long time. Everything else looked good, but I wish we had received more Splatoon 2 and/or Monster Hunter XX for the Switch. MHXX would have sold me on a Switch, but I think I might hold off just a bit longer. And with that, E3 now officially starts, and I'm excited to see more of the games we saw during these press conferences.

Yeah i was hoping they would of discounted the Xbox One S a little better but its only for certain bundles unfortunately.


This year's E3 is around the corner! What projects are you guys looking forward to hearing about the most? For me, it's CD Project's Cyberpunk this year. I hope CD Project delivers.

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