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Let us introduce you to the dramatic nature and landscape of Flores through guided Kelimutu tour! Come and join our organized guided Kelimutu tour and enjoy the stunning scenery Dexter Fowler Cardinals Jersey , learn about the native culture and history of Flores, as expert Flores tour guided unveil the beauty of Flores around you.

With 40 miles from the town of Ende and 52 miles from Maumere, Lake of Kelimutu is an outdoorsman’s dream. Experience the incredible beauty of the Lake Kelimutu from two different perspectives. This trip includes day first of guided bus tour From Ende or Maumere to Moni tiny farming village, day Two Pick up at your hotel at 04:00. Enjoy soft trek approximately nine miles to get Kelimutu Lake.

Tips for Visiting Kelimutu:

A heavy fog often obscures the lakes Andrew Miller Cardinals Jersey , so most tourists arrive at the summit to watch the sunrise.

Mornings are cold and windy on the summit; wear warm clothes that can be removed as the day heats up later in the afternoon.

The trail is well marked, but brings a flashlight if you intend to hike before sunrise.

There is little shade around the lakes, wear a hat and protect yourself from the sun.

Getting to Kelimutu

Both Ende and Maumere have small airports with flights from major hubs in Indonesia, however service is unpredictable and tickets must be purchased at the airport.

The narrow road through Flores is mountainous and slow going; most visitors choose to visit the lakes by staying in the tiny village of Moni. Crowded public buses run the road to Moni regularly or you can team with other travelers to hire a private car.

Moni is only nine miles from the lakes and is the usual base for visiting Kelimutu Matt Carpenter Cardinals Jersey , although some tour companies run buses all the way from Ende. Accommodation is limited in Moni and things fill up quickly in the peak months of July and August.

Kristoforus Lembu is the Sales and Marketing at Oceania World Travel for Indonesia Tour and Travel Holidays. Join us on an Oceania World Travel to see scenic locations & landscapes at the best value prices. We offer over 200 up guided group walking holidays in over 30 Provinces in Indonesia.

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By: Kristoforus

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