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The Website Thread is broken lads
Deadmeat and I are trying to talk but our posts aren't appearing in the thread itself, only by reading the previous scroll on the New Reply page and scrolling down. 
I know I don't need to tell you to fix it, but I thought it'd bring it to light. My latest post in the Website Thread has like 4 images showing how bad the bug itself is.
[Image: plate_by_stevedoggen-db4q2kn.png]

Thanks Steve, I thought It was just me? saw the discord and realised. so again thanks for posting ( maybe I got muted lol )

nah you're not muted - click New Reply on the thread and you'll see both your 3 attempts at a reply and mine too
[Image: plate_by_stevedoggen-db4q2kn.png]

Sorry Steve, Yes that thread is broken and thanks for the "how to" advice re: the missing posts. At least you saw my reply then. Looks like Assault_command  has a little fix to see too.

It appears it has been repaired. Mods can close/lock this thread now, all is well in the world again.
[Image: plate_by_stevedoggen-db4q2kn.png]

Happy Sigh!

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