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[Read Before You Post!] Message to all Forum Users, Newcomers and Veterans Alike!
Hello everyone, and welcome to the Project: Contingency forums! First of all, allow me to introduce myself. I’m R93 Sniper, Animator and Community Manager here on the team. Since a lot of you are new to the forums I thought it’d be helpful for you all to get some information right off the bat. So first of all let’s start with information on the game.

Project: Contingency is a Free-To-Play Halo game, following Microsoft’s Game Content Usage Rules. We are not a large company, we are not a Triple-A game studio, and we are not getting paid for this project. We are simply a team of dedicated halo fans who want to bring the halo experience back to PC, and allow everyone to enjoy it. For any of those who have the question of “Is this even legal??” the answer is Yes, it is! Our team has gotten confirmation that so long as we abide by Microsoft’s rules, we can create our game without hindrance.

For those of you who are wondering what that entails, here’s what it means.
1. We cannot use content from the halo games. Meaning we cannot use Microsoft/343i’s music, sounds, models, textures, animations and etc.
2. We cannot make a profit from the game. As much as we’d love to take donations, we unfortunately cannot.
3. Any content within the game will not contribute to the official narrative of the universe. This means that everything within the game is strictly non-canon.
4. Further information can be sought here
Hopefully that’ll clear up any misconceptions about the game’s legality.

Now to the more game-focused portion of this thread. Here’s a list of things you should know
- Our game is made in Unreal Engine 4
- At the moment, our game is strictly Multiplayer. This is mainly due to the fact that we would like to focus on our multiplayer experience. We may add other modes post-release, but presently we do not have plans to do so.
- There has been a large Battle Rifle vs DMR discussion on multiple sections of the forums. I can confirm right now that the DMR will not be making an appearance in our game.
- There are currently no plans to include forge into our game
- We currently have no plans to include custom/community maps in the game.
- From our UE4 Update, We are in Pre-Alpha. We currently do not have plans for a Open/Closed  Alpha/Beta test. If/When this changes, everyone will be notified.

Next, allow me to make a few statements about the forums.
1. There are Two Community Managers, Myself (R93 Sniper) and Master Noob. Expect to see these names quite a bit.
2. There are several moderators here: Jenkins, Kusa 'Aezotee, and XFXRadeon. These three are not part of the team, so don’t expect many game related answers from them.
3. Show some respect to the Developers and Moderators. We’re all here for a common goal, there’s no need to be disrespectful by any means.
4. Rules of the forum can be found here.
5. If you have questions about the game, try to keep the forums free of clutter. We have a dedicated question thread here where you can ask pretty much anything.
6. Before asking questions or random threads, be sure to do a bit of research first. The forums have been inhabited for a while and many questions have been asked already and their answers given. Look through the forums for anything that needs asking. If any random one-shot questions are asked, be warned your question may be merged into the question thread.
7. Be sure to put your threads into their respective forums or they will be moved. Organization is very important to us.
With that all said, I once again welcome you to the forums and hope you enjoy your stay here. If you wish to join the team, we have a recruitment form that you can fill out here. If you have questions about anything stated here, feel free to ask in this thread.
8. If you have twitter, be sure to follow me @R93_Sniper. If you have questions about the technical portions of the site, you can ask Clark on twitter as well @PraiseBeNewGuy
9. We have public chats you can join us at! Join us on  Discord. Be wary that our forum rules apply to Discord has its own set of rules.

All highlighted content are links that may be clicked. Note that not all of them redirect within the site.

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