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UPDATE: June 16th 2016
We are moving to a new home, a new site, soon, but we couldn’t wait to give you guys this update, so here it is before we move across the web!
Welcome back everyone! It has been a long time coming but we are pleased to finally present our biggest update yet! A lot of progress has been made and content has been created since the last update, so let’s get started!
If you wish to learn more about the team and the project, you can take a look at our Meet The Team and FAQ pages.
Before we dive right into the update, we have a little teaser to show you... hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as we did creating it!

A quick reminder, first, that a lot of the content shown is still a work-in-progress, meaning a lot of what is shown is being updated and iterated upon. The two maps shown are also getting a rework as we speak, so they will most likely look different when shown later on. We have improved the look and feel of the game since last time if you have noticed. To go along with that is our next big announcement: (Drum roll please...)
We've officially switched to UE4!
This has been a major transition for us, with which came a lot of progress as well as a few hiccups. The decision to switch to UE4 was not an easy one, but we felt it was a solid choice. However, this leads to the questions: Why did you switch and how does that affect us? Good question fellow readers! It provides us a myriad of new features and functions that streamlines the process and allows us to create a better experience for you guys!
Here's a quick rundown of what we mean:
  • - Full access to Unreal Engine’s source code.

  • - Access to Blueprint: a system that helps non-coders rapidly prototype features.

  • - Access to a suite of debugging tools to help find errors and correct them easily..

  • - A more natural workflow that allows us to have more control over our creative process

  • - More overall flexibility in creating our work and presenting it

  • - Better custom materials and shader types.

  • - Higher graphical fidelity and accuracy And More!
Now let's look at some gameplay. Here are samples on three of our maps, Asgard, Cardinal, and Monolith. Keep in mind this is still heavily WIP.

With this change, we hope to be able to push updates a bit more frequently than we have so far. To the next announcement, we are clearing our slate for recruiting and opening up to new applicants! Unlike last time we will also be providing a list of people that we are currently looking for in our application form. If you want to help us out, send us an application and we’ll take a look as soon as we possibly can!

We would also like to ask for everyone to take a hardware survey so that we can accurately figure out what our optimization target is. The form can be found here, so please do fill it out!

For those of you who don’t know, we have a bit of a social media presence along with this fancy website of ours. You can message our official Twitter page @ProjContingency, Our Community Manager @R93_Sniper[/url] and our Website Designers @PraiseBeNewGuy and @__Caspar__ for questions, comments, or general remarks. You can follow our Composer and Music artist, Fernando Pepe, at his soundcloud and listen in to all his amazing works of auditory perfection, as well as subscribe to our Youtube Channel and follow up with any videos that we may put out. You can also follow up with our developers and the community on our [url=]forum. Be sure to read the important important messages and sticky notices before you post though!

That’s all for now, until next time!

Addendum: For anybody who wants a bit of insight to what Contingency used to be versus what it is now, click here.
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