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Weapon Variations
Hey guys, it's been a long time since you've heard from me right? Well I have a question that could also be a suggestion.

"Will there be weapon variants?"

To specify, NO I do not mean weapon variations in the form of Halo 5: Guardians' arsenal where Power Weapons have superior versions of themselves like the Whiplash Rail-Gun. I mean weapon variations that supply a subtle bonus to the standard weapon.

A Suppressor Kit for example could be useful if the player doesn't want to show up on radar while firing their weapon, and cannot be audibly heard beyond the distance of the radar. As a plus, if you plan for active camo to reveal the player if they fire their weapon; the suppressed weapons could make it so it would require more shots to become the same visibility (I.E. : 1 DMR Shot = +20% visibility, while a Suppressed DMR Shot = +10 visibility).

Extended Magazines would simply make it so you carry more ammunition in your weapon, while still carrying the same max capacity. This would mean less reloads and more unloading lead on enemy Spartans. If the DMR is planned to have 15 rounds like in Halo Reach, then the EM DMR would have 20. The 32 round Assault Rifle would have 48 rounds, same with the Battle Rifle's EM capacity.

Of course, this would only apply to basic weapons such as the following:
    • Magnum
    • SMG
    • Assault Rifle
    • Battle Rifle
    • DMR
    • Plasma Pistol
    • Plasma Rifle
    • Covenant Carbine
What do you think? Any comments?

Halo 5 did have variants of the base non-power weapons too, you know. Suppressors, different scopes, anti-vehicle hard light thingy, extended range (less damage falloff).
It was Halo Onlines idea too.
I really do feel like it's an unnecessary complication to an already well rounded system.
Sounds nice on paper, might work in PvE, but totally changes the PvP experience. I doubt I'd like it tbh.
[Image: plate_by_stevedoggen-db4q2kn.png]

The Halo 5 ones were neat in Warzone but only if you accepted Warzone as a "Rogue-lite adventure experience". Not having an upgraded version of a weapon (or just that weapon, or a specific armor mod, etc) is a real bummer if you'd rather determine the outcome of your firefights with skill alone. If there's no reason a player should pick up a non-modified weapon over the modified form, you shouldn't add them in. If your attachments are so important and modify the sandbox enough to warrant being in the game, you should probably just make a new weapon with the changes you want. That way, people don't wonder why somebody else's identical gun doesn't act the same as theirs. Also, you could tell exactly how a certain weapon performs simply by looking at the player holding the weapon rather than knowing that the weapon carries one of several possible upgrades but being unable to tell exactly which one it is. Halo 5 remedied this to some extent by adding physical suppressors to silenced weapons and energy things to weapons with the upgrade that did more damage to vehicles but some stuff like extended magazines had no indicators at all.

You could also make all of one weapon on the map behave differently, i.e. all battle rifles are silenced, but then the matches would feel a lot less cohesive. (H:CE is the greatest example of this if you switch between a lot of different heavily modified maps quickly, but MCC suffers from it as well.) It'd be like playing Mario except he has a different maximum jump height and run speed in every level. Playing a new map is less of seeing someone with a specific weapon and adding it to your mental list of weapons on the map and more of seeing someone with a silenced assault rifle and crossing off the other 10 dozen kinds of assault rifles from your possible list of weapons on the map.
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